Предъявитель Системы и Инфраструктуры

Предъявитель Системы и Инфраструктуры

Gantek offers effective solutions and comprehensive service support to its customers in Turkey and Eurasia region with the competency and experience in the fields of mission-critical systems and applications. Detailed design, configuration, consultancy, and installation services related to the offered solutions are provided by Gantek teams.

• Servers and Systems

SPARC Systems

Gantek has developed its mission-critical systems experience, started with Sun Microsystems, with new technologies as a result of acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle, and also developed for the appliance structures which are designed together to provide highest level of hardware and software optimization, and became a pioneer in the sector.

Mission-critical servers

Converged Systems

Hyper-converged Systems

Engineering Systems (Systems in which Hardware and Software are Optimized together)

Gantek has successfully completed EMC VxRail projects in Northern Cyprus and Turkmenistan.

Competency related to Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure system of Nutanix, Oracle Private Cloud Appliance engineering system is developed.

• Operating Systems

  • Solaris.
  • IBM AIX.
  • HP-UX.
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Centos.
  • Microsoft Windows.
  • Ubuntu.
  • Debian.
  • Suse.

Gantek is acclaimed by enterprise customers in the Linux/Unix arena for its deep experience in operating systems and continues to be a pioneer in the sector in these subjects.

• Infrastructure