Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Gantek aims to contribute to the strength of its customers through its efforts in ICT industry -the common interface to the future of all economic activities-, and is aware that the commercial success cannot be considered without a sustainable social development.

Maintaining an understanding of social responsibility formed by that awareness, Gantek supports non-governmental organizations. The non-governmental organizations supported by Gantek so far are Education Volunteers' Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), Social Volunteers' Foundation (TOG), Foundation for Support of Modern Life, Rehabilitation Center for Homeless Children, and Mehmetçik Foundation.

Sponsorship for Turkish team participating in Beijing-Paris Rally with the motto "Give Right of Way to Education"
Gantek Technology Chairman Ahmet Öngün and his teammate Erdal Tokcan competed for young social volunteers with Anadol A1 in Beijing-Paris Rally -the oldest car race of the world- and brought Runner-up Cup to Turkey.

This oldest vintage automobile rally was initiated in 1907. Anadol A1 manufactured by OTOSAN in 1967 with chassis no. 371 raced in the “classics” category and attained a huge success by completing a journey of 15,000 km in the second rank.

As the first Turkish team participating in Beijing-Paris Rally, Ahmet Şefik Öngün and Erdal Tokcan transformed this race into a social responsibility project and transferred all the earnings and contributions from the supporting sponsors to Foundation of Social Volunteers (TOG). “Give Right of Way to Education” was initiated with “Anadol, the Champion of Hearts”, journeyed from Pacific to Atlantic and provided full scholarship during four years of university education to 120 university students.