Professıonal Servıces

Gantek responds to the business and process analysis, installation, support, maintenance, training, consultancy needs effectively and promptly with its teams of expert, competent and experienced professionals.

Hardware And Software Installation

After-Sales Installation Consultancy provided by Gantek includes the hardware and software services related to the support provided for installation in line with the configurations determined by the customer.
Moreover, short trainings on topics related to the hardware and software are organized during or after installations to achieve an effective operation in customer processes.

Support And Maintenance

Gantek Support Group consists of many experienced engineers and technicians holding globally recognized certificates and provides fast, effective, and reliable system, hardware, and software support in Turkey and other operated countries.
Gantek ensures high customer satisfaction by providing high level of technical support 24/7 onsite and as early as possible in line with various maintenance agreements at the customer’s option.


Gantek provides training on effective use of solutions offered to its customers, and the services offered within this scope are shaped in line with the needs of the organizations.
Gantek provides training services for the products of its solution partners: Oracle, Symantec, and Subex.


Gantek is capable of providing uninterrupted service to its customers in line with the service level agreements. Aiming to provide the requested services without keeping the customers busy with technical details, Gantek offers outsourcing service to organizations in the following areas:

- IT infrastructure outsourcing
- Office automation help desk outsourcing
- Data center operations
- Service Level Agreement based service agreements
- Common and available resource allocation


Gantek aims to provide the most appropriate solution in Information Technologies and Enterprise Business Solutions based on the analysis of customers’ business processes and encountered issues. Accordingly, solutions which will fulfill the customer requirements in the most effective way possible are identified with the offered consultancy services, and the solution is generated by combining various technologies in necessary cases.