Message from the President

Message from the President

We gave start to our local commercial activities for the digital platform in 1983 by obtaining the Turkish Electricity Administration’s project called Scada, which involved the overall digital automation of country-wide electricity generation and distribution system, with the help of consortium including Indel Ticaret Inc. and our overseas partners. In order to focus our scope towards the fast changing developments in global IT industry and to bring them into the territorial technology sector, we founded Kom-Ser Inc. in 1987. This title was originated from mixing the words Computer and Service however, since it had been frequently misinterpreted or misunderstood due to Turkish phonetics, it had to be changed from Kom-Ser to Gantek in 1990. The new and still ongoing company name of ours, Gantek, was created by putting together the first syllabels of the words Ganmount, which was a former company in England, and technology.

As Gantek Technology, we’ve always aimed to be more creative and entrepreneur to play a pioneer role in the world of rapidly-growing information and communication technologies and integrate our competency in this field with the needs of the business world since our establishment.

Gantek not only strengthened its own corporate existence, but also made contributions to the strengthening of its stakeholders in a period which can be deemed short for many sectors but fitting more than one revolution in information and communication technologies sector.

Information and communication technologies are now the foundations of the economic activities in the last 20 years in which the revolution of the internet technologies occurred in the second half of the ‘90s brought new dimensions with the revolution of the mobile communication.

In this period, Gantek established its existence in 10 countries and became a global company having activities outside of Turkey thanks to its experiences in the dynamic and competitive Turkish market and the geographic advantages of its head office being located in Istanbul. While operating with the vision of becoming a global company in the information and communication technologies sector, we are aware of the fact that each project accomplished with success contributes to this objective.

Protecting our values to the full extent played a role in the transition of Gantek from being a national player to becoming a regional player. We believe that these values are keys to a sustainable growth as a whole.

It is possible to define this key which shapes our business processes as: While we establish long-term relations with our employees, business partners, and customers, we develop our solutions with the awareness that momentary needs may be crucial.

Working together with our business partners that we shook hands at the beginning after so many years gives us joy. We will continue to make the balance, which we’ve established between seeing the future as far as possible and the requirements of now, as the foundation of our success, today and tomorrow.

Ahmet Şefik Öngün
Chairman of the Board of Directors