Human Resources Practice at Gantek

Human Resources Practice at Gantek

Career and Competency Management
Decisions for promotions and assignments are given by Gantek's Executive Committee through

- Performance appraisal
- Competency review for the relevant position.

As a result of discussions between unit manager and HR manager in accordance with Employee Development Plan Forms, a career road map is built for each employee annually.

Gantek provides interdepartmental rotation and job opportunities in the offices abroad. Vacant positions are announced in the company and the applications of Gantek employees are prioritized.

Selection and Placement
Employment at Gantek according to the annual workforce planning which includes the positions subject to employment. First step for the applications is to evaluate the CV's with regards to suitability for the vacant positions.

Employment process comprises interviews with HR manager and relevant department managers, assessment of character inventory, and technical tests for some positions.

Applications are accepted via LinkedIn and e-mail to by submittal of CV or references in all the operating countries; in Turkey, web site is an additional path to follow.

Additionally, the candidates having referrals from Gantek employees are included in the selection and placement process. When a referring Gantek employee's candidates is placed, that employee is awarded with gifts.

Performance Development and Assessment
Gantek's Performance Development and Assessment System targets to perform the objectives below:

- Standardized and objective assessment of employee performance
- Alignment of corporate goals with personal goals and their realization
- Feedback to employees
- Determining the training and development needs of employees
- Arranging salary and rewarding systems
- Building career plans
- Measuring the effectivity of employment process
- Determining the mistakes in work processes

Performance appraisal is based on targets, criteria for job scope and competencies. Performance appraisal is performed twice annually. During the intermediate appraisal on July, the relevant unit manager and the employee makes an interview, the employee is given a verbal feedback and the first six months of the year is reviewed with regards to the targets and criteria.

Performance scores are determined in the main appraisal made on January. The employee and the relevant unit manager assesses the employee's performance for the previous year mutually and the employees with high performances are rewarded with promotion, assignment, bonus, training, etc.

Training and Development
Training and development needs of Gantek are determined by considering the input indicated below:

- Technical knowledge and skills required for each position
- Competencies required for each position
- Performance appraisal

The information based on the factors above shapes the planning of training for both technical and professional development and personal development.

Professional development trainings are designed according to the individual's and/or group's needs and customized for corporation/individual according to the nature of the industry.

Personal development trainings are planned to provide the improvement of attitudes required for a higher success in employees' jobs.

At the beginning of each year, training plans for each unit's employees are prepared as an outcome of the discussions between HR manager and each unit manager. In this work, the comments of 'evaluator' and 'employee' in the Performance Appraisal forms are considered.

Salary Management
At Gantek, salary scale is determined by making a job valuation for each position and by taking the market salary researches into consideration. There is a rational and fair bonus system for various job groups. Bonuses are paid on a term or year basis, varying according to the position.

Salaries are net and paid on a 12 months basis. At the beginning of every year, salaries are adjusted according to the inflation rate and to the performance of the employee in the previous year.

Benefits include meal tickets, transportation service and private health insurance covering both outpatient and inpatient treatment. 

Gantek Club, established by HR department, organizes “Personal Development Seminars” open to all employees and regularly throughout the year and cinema, bowling, concert, etc. activities as well.