Professional Services

With its team of experts and competent and experienced professionals, Gantek responds effectively and quickly to the business and process analysis, installation, implementation, integration, support, maintenance, training, consultancy, managed service, and outsourcing needs of institutions.

Hardware and Software Installation

After Sales Installation Consultancy provided by Gantek includes hardware and software services for installation in line with the configurations determined by the customer.

In addition, during or after the installations, short pieces of training are given at the system established to achieve an effective operation in the processes on the customer's side regarding hardware and software issues so that the customer can easily manage the system.

Support and Maintenance

Gantek; With its 'Gantek Support Group,' which has many experienced engineers and technicians with globally valid certificates, it provides fast, effective, and reliable system, hardware, and software support in all countries where it operates. Support and maintenance service; Within the framework of the agreement made upon customer request, it provides institutions with a high level of customer satisfaction with 24/7 on-site and fast, high-level technical support.

Training (Gantek Academy)

With 40 years of corporate customer experience, Gantek is at the center of technology and provides services to corporate companies in many areas that we will diversify, such as installation, integration, consultancy, managed services, outsourcing, and data center transportation to the technologies they need.

Gantek analyzes the sector's needs, determines the technologies needed, and completes the projects with the highest level of success by ensuring rapid adaptation to these technologies, thanks to its flexible structure, to meet customer needs at all times.

Gantek has been providing fast and reliable solutions to institutions for years with its vast knowledge; By carrying its experience to the field of education, it also aims to train the qualified workforce for the sector in many subjects such as Linux, Container / MicroService, DevOps, Network, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Gantek Academy ensures that people who have just stepped into the sector or who continue their professional life in the world of technology are always one step ahead and gain a competitive advantage with its training content that includes the most up-to-date dynamics, topics, and strategies of the sector. Gantek Academy provides the pieces of training below.

  • Basic Level Linux Training,
  • Advanced Linux Training,
  • DevOps and DevOps Technologies Training,
  • Basic Level Network Training,
  • PostgreSQL Training,
  • MySQL Tutorial.


Gantek aims to provide the requested service without preoccupying its customers with technical details. In line with this goal, it provides outsourcing services for the following subjects. This service

- IT infrastructure,

- Help desk for office automation,

- Data center operations outsource expertise needed in traditional and modern technologies.

Managed Services

With its industry-leading approach, Gantek has aimed to provide its customers with services managed in a redundant structure within a scope, observing the difficulties in creating expert staff today. In this way, customers can overcome human resource problems and ensure that their work is done uninterruptedly and with high quality by experienced engineers. Gantek has created robust and redundant engineer pools, especially in Linux/Unix, Backup Technologies, DevOps, Databases, and Elasticsearch. Thanks to the flexibility of Gantek, the scope and service levels can be customized according to the customers' needs, and a redundant service can be provided.

In the Managed Service approach, engineers' sense of belonging increases, and thanks to the redundant structure, they can provide the required service with more confidence and without loss.


Gantek aims to provide the most necessary services in the fields of Information Technology Solutions and Corporate Business Solutions based on the analysis of its customer's business processes and problems encountered; With the consultancy services it offers, it determines the solutions that respond to the needs of the customers most effectively and creates solution models where different technologies come together when necessary.

Gantek's power in traditional and modern technologies enables it to see the whole picture from a holistic perspective. It makes it possible to bring together the most accurate solutions so that different components can work most effectively.

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