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Security needs are among the most critical priorities of companies today. In a world where security threats are increasing daily, the future of businesses is under threat. Operating in Turkey and the CIS region, Gantek continues to offer solutions from the industry's leading manufacturers in different fields and to develop its portfolio in line with the needs. Subex Sectrio is a security solution powered by ML and AI technologies that provide end-to-end IoT and OT security.

As a Static and Dynamic data masking solution, Data SunRise is a powerful technology. Thanks to the Data SunRise solution, the following can be done.

Database Regulatory Compliance

Regulations can be managed, and compliances such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and CCPA can be automated. While internal threats can be prevented, data breaches can be minimized.

Database Activity Monitoring and Control

User activity in databases and the cloud can be monitored, visibility of user actions can be increased, and compliance, advanced detailed reporting, and SIEM integration can be achieved.

Data Masking

Role-based and location-sensitive data masking can be done in all databases. Data masking can be dynamic or static to ensure that all data security requirements are met.

Database Firewall

With the DataSunrise Security Proxy, precise control over the operational security of databases, the detection of suspicious database user behavior, and the prevention of external and internal attacks on-premises and in the cloud can be achieved.

Sensitive Data Discovery

It can be determined where sensitive data is located in all databases and data warehouses of companies, and compliance, monitoring, and security policies can be implemented effectively.

Vulnerability Assessment

All known vulnerabilities and misconfigurations for databases included in the DataSunrise configuration can be viewed.

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