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The intensive increase of container structures, especially with digital transformation projects, necessitates quality monitoring. DevOps teams need immediate automatic feedback on CI/CD streams to reduce deployment time while improving quality and uptime significantly.

IBM Instana enables DevOps and ITOps teams to collect and contextualize different performance data sources. It should be able to connect metrics between front-end websites and mobile devices to back-end cloud services, on-premises services, and even services running "mainframe."

Today, artificial intelligence has reached a level of maturity where IBM Watson Machine Learning models can learn behaviour, identify what is "good," and then use that knowledge to suggest or initiate an action directly. These AI models can understand, predict, and automate many tasks, from DevOps processes to IT operations. So, it allows people to focus on higher value by increasing their ability to perform the job or do mundane, repetitive tasks.

Modern observability and application performance monitoring platforms like Instana are built from the ground up to utilize new technologies like Kubernetes and cloud-native microservices to fill critical gaps. Instana includes a comprehensive collection of application monitoring and dependencies, many unique capabilities such as automated and immediate instrumentation of logs, metrics, and dependencies, AI-based root cause analysis, and high analytics capabilities.

Today's businesses must be aware of the availability and usability of their infrastructure, applications, and business services. To increase efficiency and create a fully automated agile business, automatic configuration management, monitoring, detection and elimination of errors, performance monitoring, and measurement are required.

Gantek Teknoloji has many solutions to track, monitor, manage, and regulate all infrastructures from a single center. We bring Zabbix, where we can watch all kinds of IT infrastructure, services, applications, and resources, to your data centers with Gantek quality. It is now possible to take more proactive measures with Elastic Stack, which includes log management, application performance management, machine learning, and many reporting and auditing features. Gantek enables you to use the Elastic Stack structure optimally with its design, installation, configuration, integration, and later consultancy and support services.

Gantek, which has deep experience in the corporate mission and business-critical application world, meets the needs of the industry with its strong engineer staff trained in the fields of management, monitoring, APM & ARM technologies that include advanced and constantly new requirements, including modern workloads. We are doing intensive projects related to Zabbix, Turbonomic, Instana, and Elastic APM solutions, which the industry uses widely.

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