Infrastructure, System, and Backup Technologies

Aiming to maximize the performance of its customers at optimum costs with its infrastructure, system, and backup technologies, Gantek provides effective and efficient services after integration with its broad customer portfolio, which includes Turkey's and the region's leading banks, financial institutions, telecom operators, airline companies, transportation companies, and defense industry organizations, provides comprehensive support and consultancy services.

Data Storage

The data storage and disaster recovery (continuous protection of data in possible cases) projects implemented by Gantek with the vision of storage@gantek, which includes its expertise and 40 years of experience, aim to effectively meet the data storage performance, accessibility, and management needs of institutions.

Gantek Data Storage solutions include the following.

  • Central Data Storage,
  • Software Based Data Storage,
  • Object-Oriented Data Storage,
  • Backup and Restore,
  • Disaster Recovery,
  • Document Management,
  • Archiving.

Gantek; End-to-end integration mission, combined with the principle of providing the most appropriate experience to its customers according to their business processes, has made business partnerships with many leading manufacturers and completed the necessary certification processes.

With this principle, Gantek works with proven and influential business partners such as Oracle, Veritas, Dell, Hitachi, Pure Storage, Exagrid, Versity, and Huawei for data storage needs.

Data Backup/Restore and Disaster Recovery

Since 1998, Gantek has implemented and continues implementing the backup and disaster recovery projects of many corporate customers it serves in Turkey and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). NetBackup Appliance, designed according to the principle of hardware and software compatibility, has been successfully developed for many customers with the experienced expert staff of Gantek.

Today, institutions should keep the reliability, service level, and business continuity of the critical systems they use at the highest and take precautions against potential disasters. Disaster Recovery, part of Business Continuity Management, aims to take measures against all effects that may cause damage and seeks to prevent losses that may occur in information processing resources that support business units and workflow.

Within this framework, Gantek offers its customers solutions for disaster recovery at different levels, in line with the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) targets.

As a result of automating the processes related to disaster recovery, replication can be made much safer and more systematic. The solutions provided by Gantek also minimize the recovery point target, minimizing data loss and recovery time and reducing downtime. At the same time, the needs of companies in different ecosystems are provided with the synchronous and asynchronous replication methods offered by Gantek.

While the data in an organization multiplies, the ability to continue to evaluate all data effectively increases the operating and total cost of ownership. For this reason, it is crucial to classify the data according to its importance and to store it effectively.

Gantek offers solutions that allow managing the life cycles of data belonging to documents and applications and provides WORM (write-once read-many) features, which customers prefer for the legal immutability of the stored data on a disc, optical or magnetic basis.

Gantek's strong legacy from Sun Microsystems, combined with Oracle's updated technologies, makes its experience with Oracle ZFS an indispensable asset in numerous Exadata and ZFS integrations in the enterprise. Believing in the power of automation in the integration process, Gantek offers its customers an excellent user experience with the scripts it has developed.

In Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, Gantek works with the best manufacturers in the solution architect role. Gantek creates the most suitable structure for the needs with its technological diversity power obtained with its partners such as Veeam, Exagrid, Oracle, Huawei, Trilio, and Versity and its engineers, who are experts in their fields.


Gantek offers archiving solutions so that the customer can benefit from the archived data and that the data that is no longer necessary for active use is stored securely. Veritas Enterprise Vault, Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager, and Versity, configured by Gantek, stand out as effective archiving solutions used by corporate customers.

Thanks to archiving solutions,

- Archived content is stored flexibly,

- The need for storage is reduced by compression and single-instance storage,

- Content is indexed for fast and targeted access,

- By creating an HTML copy of all archived content, future accessibility is assured regardless of the application.

Server Systems

Gantek offers practical solutions and extensive service support to its customers in Turkey and Eurasia with its competence and experience in mission-critical systems and application areas. Gantek provides detailed design, configuration, consultancy, and installation services regarding the solutions offered. Gantek also includes support for both Oracle SPARC and IBM AIX.

Against changing business needs and demands for cost advantage, Gantek has also gained extensive experience with x86 servers and supports holistic/unified platforms, especially "Hyper-Converged" designs. Dell and Nutanix are the manufacturers that stand out in this regard, and Gantek works with them.

Operating systems

With its deep experience in the following operating systems, Gantek gains the satisfaction of corporate customers, especially in the Linux/Unix world, and maintains its leading position in the sector.

  • Solaris
  • HP-UX
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Centos
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Suse
  • Pardus
  • RockyLinux
  • Fedora


One of the most common problems in the information technology sector is the inefficient use of resources. The inability to allocate the idle resources on the systems to the required environments leads to an increase in the costs of the data center. At this point, consolidation technologies that allow server resources to be used more efficiently are of great importance for reducing costs. Server, operating system, desktop, and application virtualization solutions offered by Gantek for corporations provide improvements in terms of efficient resource usage.

Gantek performs the necessary analysis in the customer environment, determines the infrastructure for virtualization, positions the appropriate solutions, and offers the required migration services. With its Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization solution, Gantek provides its customers with significant cost advantages without sacrificing quality. The power of being an integrator is Gantek's; With VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, Oracle VM for x86/SPARC, KVM, and OpenShift Virtualization technologies, it enables its customers to develop projects that provide cost advantages.

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