Database Technologies

Gantek has a strong knowledge of database technologies. Gantek's database strategy is to be the company that provides various effective types of services that include.

Providing the highest quality and adequate support.

Selecting the most appropriate technology for relational and NoSQL databases, including installation, integration, and migration.

7x24 support.

Gantek has applied the same importance to the database selections as in a selection of open-source technologies. It provides services to the most widely used commercial and open-source databases. Regardless of what the database is, we offer all the following services.

  • Setup,
  • Transport,
  • Migration,
  • Consultancy,
  • Management,
  • Data Modeling,
  • Performance Analysis,
  • License/Subscription Consultancy,
  • 24/7 Monitoring (Monitoring),
  • 24/7 Remote & Local Support.

The database technologies supported by Gantek are as follows.

  1. Relational Databases (RDBMS):
  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle MySQL Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MariaDB
  • Percona MySQL Server
  • Percona PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • EnterpriseDB (PostgreSQL)

  1. NoSQL Databases (DBMS):
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Datastax Enterprise (Cassandra)
  • MongoDB
  • Percona MongoDB Distribuiton
  • Couchbase
  • Neo4j
  • ScyllaDB
  • InfluxDB

When it comes to the database, appliance structures in which the software and hardware are optimized for the best performance are essential. At this point, Oracle Exadata Machine and Oracle Database Appliance appear as critical technologies. Gantek has implemented many reference projects that prove its technical strength, including Oracle ZFS, especially in operations related to the Oracle database.

Gantek is the first institution to obtain Exadata installation competence in the EMEA region. Gantek successfully carries out the physical migration of Exadata and ZFS and performs database migrations from traditional SPARC/intel servers to Exadata. Gantek can add new Exadata rack cabinets to the existing structure and expand the RAC structure with new units. Gantek does automation of taking backups of Exadata to Oracle ZFS. Professional services include below.

  • Oracle Exadata Initial Installation,
  • Oracle Exadata Configuration and Management,
  • Oracle Exadata Reimage,
  • Performance & SQL Performance Adjustments,
  • Error Analysis,
  • Physical Transports,
  • Integration of Exadata and ZFS, Automation of Backup Structure.

It is a technology that Gantek has worked on for many years in the widely used Oracle Database Appliance (ODA). In this context, Gantek provides the professional services below.

  • Oracle Database Appliance Initial Installation,
  • Oracle Database Appliance Configuration and Management,
  • Oracle Database Appliance Reimage,
  • Physical Transports,
  • Performance & SQL Performance Adjustments,
  • Error analysis.

In Open Source databases, Gantek's strategy is to provide local support for community versions, to give subscriptions for corporate support through companies that offer services in this regard, and to support related distributions locally.

Providing community support for Couchbase, MongoDB, Casandra, Neo4j, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ScyllaDB, InfluxDB, and Gantek provides 24/7 local support as well as a corporate subscription.

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