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Especially after the acceleration of digital transformation with the pandemic process, many open-source technologies have emerged. Transforming monolithic applications into microservice structures and containerization of applications has become the focus of companies.

In line with its development and expansion strategy with open-source technologies, Gantek carries out projects, especially on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Kubernetes in the context of container platforms.

Thanks to the DevOps culture, companies make their CI/CD processes much higher quality, effective and agile. For the tangible effects of DevOps culture to be successful, using the right technologies is crucial. Gantek provides solutions for every need, such as restructuring the CI/CD line, analyzing the existing structure, and transforming it into a more suitable design, 7x24 reactive or proactive support, supporting the entire line within the scope of managed service.

In structuring the DevOps culture with technology, it is necessary to integrate many open-source solutions in a way that allows them to work in harmony with each other. Gantek's platform knowledge from the traditional side also significantly contributes to its rapid response to questions about which new technologies fully meet the demand. The process needs to be successful to integrate the different components with a holistic point of view per the targeted purpose.

Gantek provides support to the DevOps technologies listed below.

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform,
  • RabbitMQ,
  • Kubernetes,
  • Confluent,
  • ArgoCD,
  • Redis,
  • ELK Stack,
  • Sonar,
  • Nexus,
  • Sonatype,
  • GitLab,
  • Jenkins,
  • GitHub,
  • GrayLog,
  • Git,
  • AWS,
  • Oracle Cloud Kubernetes Engine,
  • Oracle Cloud DevOps Technologies,
  • Microsoft Azure.

Many new open-source technologies are being added to the world of DevOps daily. What makes Gantek different is that it has a strong team of engineers who follow the technology change very quickly and provide agile and effective adaptation to new technologies.

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