Quality Policy

Senior management of our company has created a QUALITY POLICY to direct the activities, ensure that all employees serve with the same point of view, and provide corporate culture. Below you may find our policy;

The objective of Gantek Technology is to become one of the leader companies of the rapidly growing and ever adapting information sector.

The basic character of the company is its dynamism which allows for following the changes and developments in the sector. Thus, the developments in the technology and the opportunity to offer more effective solution(s) to customer requirements are noticed before the competitors.

Solutions are introduced and implemented by establishing a close collaboration with the customer.
Gantek Technology builds a bridge for exchanging requirements, information, and solutions between its employees, customers, and the company itself in line with this objective.

Gantek Technology trains not only its employees but also its customers so that they can understand new technologies and plan their future technological infrastructure expenditures.

Our employees design and introduce the most appropriate solution meeting the demands of our customers at most affordable prices. One of the key points of this process is the requirement for our employees to have constantly updated information about the customer and the market structure. Thus, Gantek Technology has adopted a sense of communication and support up to onsite service for its customers.

We set new objectives each year to ensure continuous improvement and continuity of our policy. We create a quality management system supporting our policy in consideration of such objectives, and ensure that it is understood, applied, and improved at every level.

Ensuring customer satisfaction at every stage of communication including presale and after sale stages is a marketing tool as effective as providing unique solutions by following the new trends in the information sector where there is strict competition. For this reason, Gantek Technology provides 24h uninterrupted service for the requests/suggestions/complaints of its customers.