Personal Data Protection Clarification Text


As Gantek Teknoloji Bilişim Çözümleri A.Ş. (“our Company”; “Gantek”) we show utmost sensitivity to process and protect the personal data of our visitors when they access to our official website URL (Site”) in accordance with the Personal Data Protection (“KVK”) Law No. 6698 and secondary legislations (“KVK regulation”).
We would like to inform you, visitors of our Site, with this Gantek Website Personal Data Protection Clarification Text (“Clarification Text”) as part of the clarification obligation of our Company arising from KVK regulation.

Purposes and methods of collecting and processing your personal data
When you visit our Site address, the below listed personal data, primarily your traffic data, will be processed by our Company in accordance with the KVK regulation using automatic and nonautomatic methods in written electronic and physical environments for the described purposes in a relevant, limited, and proportionate manner.

Your Personal Data

Method of Collecting Your Personal Data

Purpose(s) of Processing

Email address and content data

Responding to your requests, complaints, questions, and suggestions related to our products and services.

Data such as name & surname, company name, country, phone number and contents

Responding to your questions and suggestions related to the services we provide.

Traffic data

Fulfilling our obligations arising from the Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Internet Broadcasts and Prevention of Crimes Committed through Such Broadcasts and secondary legislations.

Personal background

Allowing for making job applications to our company via our website and including your application in our hiring process.

For what purposes and with whom do we share your personal data?
We share your personal data listed in this Clarification Text with external service providers (advertisement agencies, IT experts, database providers, backup and recovery experts, etc.) in a relevant, limited, and proportionate manner and in accordance with the KVK regulation for the purposes mentioned in this text as well as to carry out the business activities of our Company.
The third parties with whom we share your personal data are obligated to process and protect your personal data in relation and limited to the purpose of such sharing unless otherwise is anticipated in the KVK regulation in accordance with our contractual relation, and are under the supervision of Gantek.
Finally, we share your personal data with government agencies, enterprises and judicial bodies in accordance with the KVK regulation for the purpose of fulfilling our legal responsibilities and obligations.

Are your personal data transferred abroad?
our Company does not transfer your personal data collected via its website to third parties residing abroad.

Security, retention, and destruction of your personal data
our Company is highly aware of personal data security and protection of its privacy. Accordingly, Gantek processes the personal data of you, our visitors, listed in this Clarification Text in accordance with the KVK regulation and our Company’s KVK Procedure and Personal Data Storage and Destruction Policy by ensuring its security.
Your personal data will be stored for a period required for the processing purposes mentioned in this Information Text and in any case for the statute of limitations laid down in the legislative regulations. Gantek will erase, destruct or anonymize your personal data in accordance with its Personal Data Storage and Destruction Policy at the expiry of such periods.
our Company takes all technical and administrative measures required by the KVK regulation in order to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data, improper processing, disclosure, modification/erasure of your personal data for unlawful reasons, and ensure its protection and security. Gantek will notify you and Personal Data Protection Authority whenever required in accordance with the KVK regulation.

Your Right to Information
As part of article 11 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data (“KVKK”), we hereby notify that you have the right to apply to our Company and (i) learn whether your personal data are processed or not; (ii) if your personal data have been processed, request information, learn the purpose of processing and whether they are used in compliance with such purpose; (iii) know the third parties to whom the personal data are transferred in country / abroad, and request the rectification of the incomplete / inaccurate data, if any; (iv) request the erasure or destruction of the personal data under the conditions referred to in Article 7 of KVKK; (v) request reporting of the requests of erasure and destruction and rectification of the incomplete / inaccurate personal data pursuant to Article 7 of KVKK to third parties to whom the personal data have been transferred; (vi) object to the occurrence of a result against yourself by analyzing the data processed solely through automated systems; (vii) claim compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of your personal data.

This Clarification Text is subject to amendments for the purpose of complying with the KVK regulation as a result of changes in our process. We kindly as you to visit our Site for any future updates.
You can contact our Company’s KVK Official at
Gantek Teknoloji Bilişim Çözümleri A.Ş. Şehit Sinan Eroğlu Caddesi, No:3, 3 K Binası Kat: 4-5, Kavacık/ İstanbul