Gantek Academy

With 40 years of corporate customer experience, Gantek is at the center of technology and provides services to corporate companies in many areas that we will diversify, such as installation, integration, consultancy, managed services, outsourcing, and data center transportation to the technologies they need.

Gantek analyzes the sector's needs, determines the technologies needed, and completes the projects with the highest level of success by ensuring rapid adaptation to these technologies, thanks to its flexible structure, to meet customer needs at all times.

Gantek has been providing fast and reliable solutions to institutions for years with its vast knowledge; By carrying its experience to the field of education, it also aims to train the qualified workforce for the sector in many subjects such as Linux, Container / MicroService, DevOps, Network, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Gantek Academy ensures that people who have just stepped into the sector or who continue their professional life in the world of technology are always one step ahead and gain a competitive advantage with its training content that includes the most up-to-date dynamics, topics, and strategies of the sector. Gantek Academy provides the pieces of training below.

  • Basic Level Linux Training,
  • Advanced Linux Training,
  • DevOps and DevOps Technologies Training,
  • Basic Level Network Training,
  • PostgreSQL Training,
  • MySQL Tutorial.