Career and Competency Management

 Gantek; In addition to providing the most suitable and healthy working environment for its employees, as an employer, it appreciates its employees based on their competencies and completed projects.

At Gantek, promotion and appointment decisions are made due to performance and competency evaluation in terms of the relevant position. In line with the Employee Development Plan Forms, each employee's career roadmap is created annually as a result of the meetings between the unit manager and the HR manager.

In the institution, which has the opportunity to rotate between departments and to work in foreign offices, vacant positions are announced within the company, and willing Gantek employees are given priority.

Selection and Placement

Recruitment at Gantek is aligned with the annual workforce planning, which includes the positions to be recruited. In incoming applications, it is first evaluated whether the submitted CV is suitable for open positions.

The recruitment process consists of interviews with the HR manager and relevant department managers, evaluation of personality inventory, and tests measuring technical knowledge for some positions.

Applications; It is accepted by sending CVs via Linkedin and e-mail addresses for all countries of operation, or by references from outside or inside the company.

Performance Development and Evaluation

Gantek's Performance Development and Evaluation System,

- Evaluation of employee performance in a standard and objective manner,

- Coordination and realization of corporate goals and personal goals,

- Giving feedback to employees,

- Determining the training and development needs of the employees,

- Regulation of wage and reward systems,

- Making career plans,

- Measuring the effectiveness of the recruitment process,

- It aims to detect mistakes in the business process and develop solutions.

Performance evaluation is carried out yearly based on objectives, business framework criteria, and competencies. In this context, an interim assessment will be carried out in July. In this face-to-face meeting with the relevant unit manager and the employee, verbal feedback is given to the employee, and the past six months are mutually evaluated based on targets and criteria.

Performance scores become evident due to the primary evaluation made in January. The employee and the relevant unit manager mutually evaluate the employee's performance in the previous year, and high-performing employees are rewarded with opportunities such as promotions, assignments, bonuses, and training.

Training and Development

The training and development needs of employees at Gantek are determined by considering the following data:

- The technical knowledge and skills required for the position,

- Competencies required for the position,

- Performance evaluation.

In line with the information created according to the above factors, it provides the planning of pieces of training for both technical and professional development and personal development.

Professional development pieces of training are designed specifically for the institution/person, according to the needs of the person and group to be trained, and considering the sector's structure.

On the other hand, personal development pieces of training are planned to develop the behaviors that employees must exhibit to achieve higher success in their jobs.

At the beginning of each year, training plans are created for the employees of each unit as a result of separate meetings between the HR manager and the unit managers. This study also considers the 'evaluator' and 'employee' comments sections of the Performance Evaluation forms.

Compensation Management

A rational and fair bonus system is applied for different business groups at Gantek, whose salary range is determined by evaluating the job for each position and considering market wage research. Premiums are paid periodically or annually, depending on the place.

Social Facilities

Within social opportunities, employees are provided with meal cards, personnel transportation services, and private health insurance covering inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Through the 'Gantek Club' established by the HR department, 'Personal Development Seminars' open to the participation of all our employees are organized at regular intervals throughout the year, as well as cinema, bowling, concerts, and any other activities. Social events are also organized.

Gantek employees can attend the pieces training offered within the scope of Gantek Academy free of charge.

Internship Opportunities

Internship applications are received between February and May every year. Gantek only accepts applications from students of computer engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, electronics and communication engineering, software engineering, computer technology, and information systems departments.

Applications are received by sending a CV to In the applications, the trainee candidates are requested to indicate in which field they want to do the internship and how many working days the internship request is with a cover letter.

In line with the information received, the HR department contacts the candidates, and the HR officer and a person from the relevant department conduct a face-to-face interview with the candidate. The results of the interviews are notified to the candidates within two weeks at the latest.

Internships take place in June, July, August, and September.

Job opportunities

Aiming to carry the knowledge and experience it represents in the field of system integration to further points with its strong staff of competent professionals; Since the day it was founded, it has been playing a leading role in cooperation with solution partners with the introduction of information technologies into new business processes.

Investing in human resources and mental capital, with the awareness that this success is primarily the work of its employees, Gantek offers industry professionals a career development opportunity in a working environment with global standards.

Applications; It can be done by sending a CV to Linkedin and, through reference.