Innovative Approaches in Data Management with Veritas

Innovative Approaches in Data Management with Veritas

For the past 30 years, Veritas has guided corporate clients at every turning point; its integrated data management and protection approach has been proven with its diversity, performance, and cost savings. Trusted by the most prominent companies worldwide, Veritas is preferred by many companies, including 91% of the Fortune 100. As one of the industry's leading names in data management and protection, Veritas aims to help businesses overcome data-related challenges and succeed in their digital transformation journeys. In recent years, we have seen the company continue its innovative approach in the industry with the solutions it offers. Here's what you need to know about Veritas's current solutions:

Data Protection:

NetBackup: Veritas's top-tier backup and restore solution.

Backup Exec: A more straightforward and cost-effective data recovery solution. Backup Appliances: Used to quickly deploy and efficiently manage the ransomware-resistant NetBackup data protection solution.


InfoScale: Protects your data with SLA-focused resilience platforms.

InfoScale for Kubernetes: Allows you to run containerized applications securely and with control.


NetBackup IT Analytics: Offers predictive analytics for unified insights.

Data Insight: Provides data classification, file analysis, and unstructured data visibility.


Merge1: High-risk content is increasingly spread across many new communication platforms, making archiving time-consuming and costly. Merge1 captures all business-related data using your existing infrastructure and quickly identifies compliance risks.

Enterprise Vault: Offers automatic data capture and information archiving features.

eDiscovery Platform: Provides a comprehensive platform for digital forensics, investigations, and document review.

Veritas Alta,, is a solution that brings together a comprehensive portfolio of cloud data services on a single powerful platform. It allows you to control your corporate data and applications in the cloud. It offers many data protection solutions to ensure data protection, ensure continuity, prevent data loss, and quickly recover data. "Appliance Resiliency" guarantees uninterrupted operation of devices and data accessibility. It also doesn't leave us alone for data compliance, helping us comply with local and international regulations. While data governance is an integral part of our lives, we always need a strong assistant to manage our data throughout the data lifecycle effectively. At this point, Veritas Alta continues to be our biggest supporter.

In this age of rapid technological advancement, data management and protection are vital for businesses. With its deep knowledge in this field and constantly innovative approach, Veritas ensures that companies protect and manage their most valuable assets - their data. The solutions offered by Veritas not only meet technological needs but also help businesses achieve sustainable success in their digital transformation journeys. In conclusion, by collaborating with Veritas, companies are prepared for challenges not only today but also beyond tomorrow in data management. Being prepared for challenges is an approach that not only allows us to survive in the digital age but also to stand out.