Corporate Management

Corporate Governance; It is a necessary understanding and practice for companies operating in markets where products and services are increasingly diversified and where product/service quality is increasing in parallel with conscious consumption and constantly evolving customer expectations to adapt to harsh competition conditions in the market. The quality of corporate governance practices has become as important as financial performance and multi-criteria decision-making.

Within the framework of the Corporate Governance principles adopted by Gantek, the independent members of the Gantek board of directors foster this understanding and continuously improve their point of view.


ISO and TSE Service Quality Certificate

Gantek, which determined the basic management principles in the years following its establishment and took the first steps in the field of corporate governance in 2001, has ISO Service Quality Certificate, ISO 27001, TSE, SSHYB, and Customer Satisfaction Management system certificates.


Annual independent audits

An Independent financial audit is carried out at Gantek every year. Audits were carried out by Ernst & Young between 2000-2006 and by PwC between 2006-2009. Between 2009 and 2018, RSM Turkey Arkan Ergin Certified Public Accountancy Inc. It was audited within the “Full Certification Agreement” Since 2018, PwC Independent Auditing and Independent Accountant Mali Müşavirlik A.Ş have carried out audits.