About Gantek

Founded in 1983, Gantek is an Information Technologies company that provides value-added services as a principle while addressing the infrastructure and application/software needs of digital technology and systems from end to end. Working closely with the industry on Traditional Technologies and having 40 years of experience, Gantek follows the technology trends very closely and provides rapid adaptation to new technologies thanks to its flexible and agile structure. By identifying the needs of new business areas, developments, and trends, it implements effective solution models with its extensive knowledge of modern technologies and digital transformation. Thanks to its long-standing expertise in traditional technologies and systems, Gantek can offer solutions to the needs in these areas. Thanks to its rapid transition to cutting-edge technologies, it is a pioneer both in Turkey and abroad, especially in transforming traditional technologies into new technologies.

Gantek is one of the longest-standing and well-established companies in the IT sector in Turkey; It has the quality of an international company with its activities in more than ten countries. The company represents a comprehensive experience and technology accumulation with its strong staff, solution partners, and advanced level of expertise in areas such as systems, software integration and services, and digital transformation.

Leading the integration of digital technologies, which are included in all areas of life, into business processes and life cycles since the 1980s, when information and communication technologies entered different areas of life, Gantek plays a vital role in the rise of the Turkish economy with informatics.

Gantek had established a structure consisting of expert engineers focusing on the competencies needed to meet the traditional and modern business processes end-to-end. This structure; Infrastructure, System and Backup, Storage Systems, Database, Container and DevOps, Security, Big Data, Management, Monitoring, APM (Application Performance Management), ARM (Application Resource Management), Analytics, Network, Cloud, Business Solutions, Training, Open Source Software, 24/7 Managed Services, Professional Services, and Consulting services.

While continuing its investment in commercial software, Gantek has aimed to develop and improve the IT sector in open-source software, which has been used intensively and effectively for mission and critical business processes. It has a holistic hybrid architectural perspective to create the most suitable solution for the needs by blending traditional and modern/new technologies.

While optimizing the costs, Gantek's most important values ​​are to determine the needs most accurately without sacrificing performance and operation quality and continuity, to design with appropriate solutions, to implement the applications, and to provide end-to-end support, management, and consultancy.

With its broad solution portfolio that increases the efficiency and productivity of institutions, Gantek serves the leading institutions of Turkey and the Eurasian Region in many different sectors, especially in Telecom, Finance, Airlines, Transportation, Fintech, Cloud and Data Center Providers.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Gantek has local offices in Ankara, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Northern Cyprus.

Gantek also implements significant projects in the field of corporate business solutions that have made an impact in the sector. The projects cover a wide range from Number Portability Systems, Interconnect Billing, Revenue Assurance, Loss & Theft, Revenue & Resource Management, Campaign Management, and Fraud Detection solutions.

The fact that Gantek closely follows the  technology trends and needs, and invests in new technologies also increases the motivation of companies to use cutting-edge and cloud technologies per their needs. In this context, thanks to open source software, it not only provides cost advantages to its customers but also eliminates the vendor lock and provides the community power among its value-added services to meet the needs most effectively.

Within the scope of professional services, Gantek  offers end-to-end solutions and provides its customers with all the requirements of the industry, such as installation, integration, implementation, configuration, upgrade, 24/7 support, monitoring, management, training, consulting, migration and transportation of corporate systems between locations, managed service, outsourcing, and many integration services

With certificates such as ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, TSE, SSHYB, and Customer Satisfaction Management system, Gantek has the right to receive through annual independent audits, is an organization of global standards with independent customer satisfaction survey results.


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