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The Key to 40 Years of Success:
100% Customer Satisfaction.

For More Efficient, Flexible, and Secure Business Solutions

From infrastructure to virtualization, from security solutions to database services, we aim to maximize the performance of our customers in the field of information technologies at optimum costs.

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In 10+ Countries

Local Professional Support at Global Standards

We carry out activities with our local offices and employees in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Northern Cyprus, with our headquarters in Istanbul.

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IT and Digital Solutions

Balance Between the Possibilities of the Future and the Necessities of the Present

By identifying the needs of new business areas, developments, and trends, we implement practical solutions for modern technologies and digital transformations with our extensive knowledge.

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ABOUT Gantek

Local Professional Support at Global Standards

Founded in 1983, Gantek is an Information Technologies company that provides value-added services as a principle while addressing the infrastructure and application/software needs of digital technology and systems from end to end. Working closely with the industry on Traditional Technologies and having 40 years of experience, Gantek follows the technology trends very closely and provides rapid adaptation to new technologies thanks to its flexible and agile structure.


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Efficient, Flexible, and Secure
Business Solutions


Gantek aims to maximize the performance of its customers with optimum costs with the storage, server, virtualization, and database solutions it offers in the field of information technologies; it offers its customers support and consultancy services after technology integration service.


While focusing on the existing information applications that will increase the efficiency of the business processes of the institutions, Gantek also evaluates the contribution of the new applications to the business processes, directs the institutions to the areas it considers strategic, and leads the way in integration.


Gantek offers comprehensive and dynamic solutions to the business and process analysis, installation, support, maintenance, training, and consultancy needs of institutions with its team of experts, competent and experienced professionals, for institutions to reach their business goals in a short time and efficiently.

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